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Meet the Contributors

Shuntella Richardson

Shuntella Richardson is a highly sought after award-winning international speaker, and entrepreneur.  The eldest of four children, Shuntella was raised by her parents in Chicago’s crime infested, Englewood community.  It is here where most of her dreams took root.

Her mom’s southernpeople personality along with her dad’s large collection of books and an interest in technology were the cornerstone of her upbringing.  Armed at the age of 13 with Napoleon Hill’s book, Think and Grow Rich, she dreamt GIANT dreams and believed that her circumstances could be changed by her thoughts and actions.

As the CEO of Results to Success, Shuntella has spent over 15 years motivating and inspiring audiences to get out of their comfort zone and get on the court, when it comes to life.  She quickly breaks down limiting beliefs; some known and many hidden.  Leaving her clients and audiences effective in their business, workplace, family, finances, and relationships—their overall SUCCESS!

Shuntella hasspoken in numerouscities and countries(Atlanta, London, Paris, Wisconsin, Cape Town, Los Angelos, Johannesburg, Tirana, Orlando,Morocco, New York, etc.)around the world.  Sheshares the stage with some of the world's best in business and speaking; global leaders such as Dr. Ervin Laszlo, Les Brown, Dr. Nido Qubein, Lisa Nichols, Marisa Peer, Mark Norcross, Dr. Yvonne Thompson, Mirela Sula, Barbara Marx Hubbard, George Ross, Hugh Hilton, and Vanilla Ice, just to name a few.

With more than 20 years of vast experience in the Information Technology sector, she has worked with both national and global companies.  Shuntella has a flare to quickly see the big picture.  Her unique leadership style engages clients into seeing the benefits of working together—directing business units to rapidly implementing desired results.

Being a proud mother of one daughter, Shuntella Richardson is thoroughly committed to educating and developing teen girls, career women, and aspiring entrepreneurs.  Demonstrating this commitment, she accepted the role as Regional Director for Global Woman Club Chicago, an international platform for empowering women who are looking to build their confidence, their career and their business.

Her involvement with youth and women organizations, keeps her ears to the streets to know what’s relevant.

Shuntella is also featured as a co-author ofFrom Fed Up to Fabulous.  This bestselling book tells the real stories of seven successful businesswomen, from six different countries, and four generations who each have had very unique and challenging circumstances to overcome.

Interviewed on television, radio and in magazines, Shuntella Richardson is decorated with several speaking and business accolades and awards.  Shealsoappears in featurefilms, jumpsfrom perfectly performing airplanes, and she will even take over the pilot’sseat from time-to-time.

Shuntella Richardsonis an upstandingexamplethat, “You’re so much more than your circumstances”.

Rosanne Van Zalingen 

Rosanne envisions a world where we can empower people in such a way that they are  much better able to interact not only with themselves, but also with their environment and the planet. To make the world a better place she wants to start with entrepeneurs and guide them to use Natural Leadership as their foundation from which they empower others.

Empowering starts from the heart (the core) and together we are able to create a 
world of ‘We’ in stead of just ‘Me’. Her ultimate purpose is to make it possible with these natural leaders to empower children, both in the Netherlands and everywhere around  the world, so that they can grow on an emotional, spiritual, physical, mental and relationship level.

Rosanne is an adventurer, a visionary, who wants to build bridges between different  worlds in an active and loving way. She is a true believer in turning ideas into reality. 

Linda Attram

For the past 20 years Linda Attram has been running successful property businesses including a multi-million pound property portfolio & is the Founder of Inspiring Mothers in Business. She is happily married, a proud mother of 'Three Precious Diamonds’ and a 1st Dan Black Belt in the martial art of Taekwondo. Linda incorporates the tenets of Taekwondo - courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self control and indomitable spirit in training and in her personal and business life.

She was born in the UK of Caribbean heritage. Linda came from humble beginnings, a very shy girl who lacked confidence, self esteem and identity. She left school with very little education, but with a burning desire to change, she chose to re-educate herself to university degree level which led to a successful 18 year career in Human Resources Management.

Linda is a meticulous businesswoman, devoted mother, upcoming author and a public speaker, she understands the challenges entrepreneurial mothers face & that is why she created ‘Inspiring Mothers in Business’; to provide a platform for them to grow & feel supported.

Linda’s Mission is to Inspire and Empower Women Globally to Be More and Achieve More.

Anaida Deti

Anaida immigrated to Canada from Albania 16 years ago with her husband. They had only a few hundred dollars with them and a big dream of building something theirs but not much else. She spoke no English and her school meant nothing here so she had to start everything from scratch. She worked seven days a week while going to school full time. After a few years of finishing school and getting her licence as a registered dental hygienist, she founded DentalX in 2013. DentalX started with only her, booking appointments in her car and seeing patients in the late afternoons or Sundays after she worked all day for other dental offices. Now she has about 12 staff members and an award winning dental office.  

She founded Mission Kind (Kids In Need of Dentalcare), to help children aged 6-16 obtain much needed dental work at no charge. She is a coveted speaker at dental conventions and seminars. Her passion and dental expertise has garnered her media coverage on Rogers Daytime Television, Sirius XM Radio’s What She Said, GlobalTV, CTV, CP24, CTV NewsChannel, Newstalk1010 and more. She has been featured in the Toronto Sun, Toronto Star, Elevate Magazine, Parents Magazine, Focus Magazine and more. She is the dental blogger for Huffington Post, Thrive Global and Inside Toronto. Her blogs are usually featured on Oral Health Group website.

She loves to help the community. Every December our office offers free dental/dental hygiene services to people in need. In December 2017, we offered free services to 30 people from the Red Door Family Shelter. And not only that, we had a whole day planned for them, with lunch, a magic show, Santa made an appearance and gave the kids Christmas gifts and much more. This story was featured on Global News and Yahoo Canada to name a few. This December, we offered free services to teenager moms that cannot afford dental services. We had a whole day planned for them and their kids. She always comes up with great ideas to help the community and educate them on oral and dental health.

Anaida has won several awards:

2019 Top 75 Canadian Immigrant Awards Finalist
2019 Peak of Success Award
2018 Silver Stevie Winner for Women in Business for Female Entrepreneur of the Year in Canada
2018 One Planet Awards Gold for Female Entrepreneur and Female Professional of the Year
2018 The Bizz Award Business Excellence Awards
2018 Veuve Cliquot New Generation Award Finalist
2018 Women of Inspiration Awards Finalist from Canadian Business Chicks
2018 CDHA Superhero Competition Finalist, Top 21, out of 818 nominations across Canada
2018 North York Mirror’s Readers Choice Award Winner
2018 CHCH TV Business Excellence Awards for Business who Gives Back
2018 ODHA Community Service Award
2017 Urban Hero Honour Award in the Health category
2016 Patient's Choice Award Winner by Opencare
2015 Mompreneur Award of Excellence finalist
2018 Top3 outstanding women for Entrepreneurship and Business in the GTA from The Waterfront Awards

Prema Chuttoo

Miss Prema Chuttoo is a Mauritian lady in her early forties, who loves herself extremely. She is single, director of an IT company, investor and on the way to launching 2 ecommerce stores. She has 2 siblings, a younger sister and an elder brother and she is a mum to both of them because their parents are no more. She moved to Europe on her own in the year 2008 so that she and her siblings would prosper from a better future. She is a firm believer in practicing sports and meditation because she believes these activities promotes the better functioning of the neurons, helping towards being aligned with oneself,being happy and taking sensible decisions.

She believes that working the mental is very crucial for any person as this is a great tool to realise the impossible. As such, she is on her way to create a structure to help women to boost their confidence in a practical way.

Sabine van Egeraat

Sabine van Egeraat has been a business entrepreneur for over 20 years now. Her services are in international communication, helping teams and professionals to create effective communication strategies. She has lived and worked in different countries across the globe, which has given her a very broad experience and many examples to enrich her work.

Her purpose in life is decreasing stereotyping. She has experienced many times how stereotyping has a negative effect on collaborations and growth. She is very committed to fulfill her purpose and since stereotyping is not tangible, she is defining new innovative services to create awareness and help professionals grow. The world is her playground and she is a proud participant of the global business stage.

Find out more on how to breakdown stereotyping, strengthen entrepreneurial skills and become a future gamechanger and read her chapter in this book.

Noreen Ahmed

Noreen is a skilled word merchant, adept at combining the relevancy of data science and neurolinguistic programming to craft powerful messaging. She enjoys working with innovative business owners to form effective social media campaigns so that they can shine in the online market arena and create income generating digital assets.

Having lived and worked in 4 different continents she bridges communication gaps and has intercultural sensitivity. She has worked as an educationalist for over 15 years and combines that attribute to bring world class learning experiences to her customer base. As a multipreneur she has experience starting over 4 businesses from scratch and creating momentum online for their further growth. She specialises in amplifying her clients sales revenue while boosting their customer loyalty so that they can do business at the speed of the internet.

Talia Adika

New York State Finance Licensed • Cornell University Master’s Degree • New Hampshire University Master’s Degree, Business • St. John’s University Bachelor’s Degree

Expertise :
US Benefit expert recognition New York across the USA
Served International Health Insurance Ambassador United Nations.
International Entrepreneurs Private Medical Insurance, Global Insurance Foreign Nationals.
Compliance/Communication of Laws, Inquiries, Employees Benefits
Work CEO/Business Owners, Manage Reporting of new Health laws
Wellness Initiatives Benefit Claims, Health Insurance Design, Enrollment

Featured :
Navigating the USA Healthcare Maze
August 19, 2019 UK Brilliance Business Radio, iHeart Radio
Health Well Being Has Nothing To Do With Fitness
February 19, 2019 London Business Magazine
How Technology is Influencing Healthcare
February 16, 2019 Fatima Gorezi /
Small Business Entrepreneurs
Live TV Broadcast - October 1, 2018 by NBC Universal MSN News / Minority Entrepreneurs
The Obamacare Confusion
November 12, 2017 Radio Caraiba, BRAZIL
International Benefits Award
January 2017 American Association of Insurance

Marina Newington

Marina Newington, known as the secret weapon for helping women restore their lost energy and motivation, is an internationally-qualified IIN Health Coach, a Columbia Business School MBA, and the founder of PowerSystem.
Marina understands first-hand the pressure of the different roles played by today’s woman. After working in finance and marketing for large companies, then raising a family of four children, she felt completely exhausted; physically, mentally, and emotionally.

This exhaustion led to a personal journey to regain balance in her life, find more time, restore energy, and rediscover her confidence. In short: she had to get her power back. With the insights she gained from going through this transformation, (and from helping other women go through their transformations), Marina created PowerSystem, a 5-step process for clarifying goals and removing the obstacles to success so you can get your power back and get the confidence and energy to take on the world!

Today, Marina is committed to helping women live their best lives through her unique methodology, coaching, and public speaking.

Jana Miteva

Jana was born in 1978, in Yugoslavia - Republic of Macedonia. In 2002, finding love in the arms of a Belgian guy, she moved to Belgium. She studied Civil Engineering in Skopje, Macedonia and completed her studies with a MBA degree in Liège, Belgium, where she learned about building businesses.

In her career, she gained experience at the Big Four financial auditors, Public Affairs in Brussels, creating a NGO and a Consulting company in the project engineering field.

Then she went into the chemical industry as a Business Development Manager. In 2018, she created her Online Business to help overwhelmed business owners, managers and employees find the meaning in what they do by getting back on the right track with technical, psychological and emotional solutions. She’s a coach, trainer and business consultant at “Easy Busy Management”. Contributing positively to the growth of her customers, brings her the greatest joy and happiness.  
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