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Let’s go to “Your Bigger Future Where Women are the New Celebrities” 
Dear Global Woman,

I am so excited to invite you to the bigger future of a new vision, where women can speak their mind, make their money, travel the world and create a positive impact in the society.
Connect with the Global Woman Community
The world is ready to accept women as independent people and we need to be ready to show that we can do anything. It is ok for women to earn the same as men, and it is ok if sometimes women can be more successful. It is ok that women and men collaborate together for gender equality.
We help women to find their light, get out of their comfort zone, tap into their potential, discover their gifts and share them with the world, to gain their financial freedom, inspire others and bring positive impact in the society.
Thousands of women have joined the Global Woman Club in the last three years and many other thousands have followed us online, asking if there is another way they can reach us. Now, the good news is yes, and now we are ready to reach millions and help women around the world reach their full potential and inspire millions of people around the world.
What they say about Global Woman Club
I started this journey of building my legacy only 3 years ago and today I live my dream, following my passion traveling and helping women find their call, be inspired and to motivate others to do the same. Imagine what would your life would be in one year from now, if you were to implement these strategies that we are sharing with you?
Founder of Global Woman
This is an invitation for you if you are a woman who wants to:
  • Create a new direction in your career and to stop feeling lost in your path 
  •  Help other women to find their path
  •  Move to the next level
  • Earn your own money and be independent 
  •  Inspire others and create a positive impact in the world 
  •  Invest for their bigger future 
3 core reasons why you will want to join us
Build a
Global Brand
The #1 reason why you will want to join us is because we are global and in our community you will find all the connections that you need to expand your thinking and move beyond your local zone. Through expanding your capacity to think and act, you will access a broad mix of experts who will guide to reach your real destinations following the best path. 

By following this path, you will be able to re-connect with your own message and tailor your success story, so you can offer your own knowledge to many people who need it. 
Gain Your Financial Freedom
The #2 reason that is calling you to join us is all about finance. Our goal is to empower women financially. We often hear “Your network is your net worth”. Once we open the platform for you, then you understand the power of these connections that can potentially bring joined ventures, business partnerships or sharing knowledge. 

You will have access to mentors who went through the trenches to build wildly successful companies…

If you are a premium member, you have probably already connected with many likeminded businesswomen around the world and this will also give you the opportunity to access the online platform to learn more, and tap into the knowledge of our successful global women. (Use your member’s code to access our online platform).

If you are not a premium member, you can still access our online library and tap into the source of our content. 
Find your purpose
and inspire others
The #3 reason you will want to join our family is that you will have INSTANT ACCESS to multiple entrepreneurs who have built a 7-figure business. And what if they gave you the blueprint on how they broke through to the next tier of revenue, when they were in your situation?

If you’re a woman entrepreneur or thinking to start your business, this is your best opportunity to find a map that will help you find your purpose, empower your mind, access/build a platform, create your products, become a public speaker and build your global brand. 

Here you will find the “Modern Mentorship Programme” for the new era of women entrepreneurs, the new celebrities of our time, who will inspire the next generation. 
You can be the one.
Helpful Support - A friendly team is on standby to help you with whatever issue you might stumble upon -- available 24/7.
The Collective Power & The Force for Good 
When we started the Global Woman Club 3 years ago in our office in London, our intention was to invite inspirational women entrepreneurs and many others who want to invest in their career to come and network with each other. From one club we expanded, within one year, in 15 clubs. Today we have reached 27 cities in more than 20 countries around the world and Global Woman in turned into a movement where we come together to share, help and contribute, but at the same time to seek for help.  
Once you become a member of Global Woman Club you become part of all the clubs receiving the opportunity to attend any meetings in any city around the world, to speak and promote your product/services for free and expand your business globally.
This online platform, is another value that we add to our members in order for them to access more content to our library. At this online membership inner circle, you will receive:
  • Exclusive online trainings
  •  Webinars 
  •  Exclusive interviews with global thought leaders & experts
  •  Every day added content for members to access daily inspiration and motivation to take actions 
If you sign up as a Premium Member of Global Woman Club you will automatically be part of this inner circle.
If you sign up as a Star member of Global Woman Club you will not only be part of this inner circle, but access all online courses by our founder Mirela Sula, and also all the benefits of media publications to boost your branding;
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